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Crimson Dream
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I am me in all the world,
there is no one else exactly like me
everything that comes out of me is authentically mine
because I alone chose it-
I own everything about me,
my body, my feelings, my mouth my voice, all my actions.
Whether they be to others or to myself-
I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears-
I own all my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me-
by doing so I can love me and be friendly with me in all my parts-
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know-
but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and for ways to find out more about me-
however I look and sound, whatever I think and feel
at a given moment in time is authentically me-
if later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded-
I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do
I have tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people
and things outside of me-
I own me and therefore I can engineer me-
I am me and
I am okay.


Apex#: 5'4
Mass Density: 105lbs
Cilium Class: Black
Chromatism Sequence: Brown

dreaming is love
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I adopted a cute lil' tempura fetus
from Fetusmart! mm..yummy.