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Job Hunting

Being a fresh grad (incoming), it's disappointing to look for a job in line with your course when the vacancies you usually find require a certain age bracket.
22-30, 21-25, 20-35...

Talk about age discrimination. They don't want me boohoo.

In the meantime, let's look at other possible opportunities:

1. Starbucks Barista. Coffee anyone?
2. Yaya of my younger brother and cousin. Yeah right.
3. Student again. Law? MA? MBA? I need tuition money.
4. What about call center person... Nah.
5. Bum (which I currently am right now) until I turn 21.
6. Beggar?
7. Online supahstar (Mara yayaman ba tayo dito)
8. Personal Assistant of a (rich) friend or friend's (rich) parent? Call me if you need me. LOL.

Any suggestions?


9. FA. Pwede!
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