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On My First Week in School

How's my first week going?
So far fun naman. Eheh.

I keep on seeing Pam lately. Sa Chess Plaza, sa Miguel Clock and this morning, sa MRT. Bigla na lang siya susulpot out of nowhere hehe fate is bringing us together =p buti na lang kasi I'm really gonna miss her when she leaves the country wah! Ingat ka parati Pam.

Anyway, yesterday, Googy, Jepoi, Mel, Tey and I went to Mall of Asia. Malaki nga siya. When we arrived there we kept on oooh-ing and aaaah-ing. First time kasi... Haha we especially liked the IMAX area with its comfy couches. And their skating rink is big! Meron ding area dun na parang baywalk... matinong romantic spot siya kasi walang vendors and scary people. The crowd is ok... so far. Pero feeling ko pag tumagal mapupuno na yun ng mga ayaw niyong makasama sa public places hehe. Kaya habang maaga pa you should go there and wag weekends, I heard super daming tao pag weekends.

My professors this term are nice. As in lahat sila yung gentle or fun type. It's good for me since we're starting on our baby thesis already so I get to have less pressure or conflicts from other subjects. Speaking of thesis, syet thesis na. Syet. This is it. I'm thinking of studying either kids, criminals, sexual attraction, the preconscious, metacognitive stuff or myself. Joke lang yung last hehe. Wah! God help me!
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