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On Finding My Path

After a year or two, I'm planning to take up either Criminal or Abnormal Psych. I feel like it's gonna train me well in dealing with the unusual people but I think I'm not gonna last long in Criminal labs or Psych wards so I'll be taking up Child Psych when I decide to leave the abnormal world. Finally I'm gonna retire being a day care person in my own house.

But The Rascal (from now on, this is what I'm gonna call the inner voice that confuses me) asks me if this is what I really really want.

bakit di ka mag MBA?
or why don't you follow your childhood dreams and be a flight attendant?
or work in a hotel? or be a counselor? or try entering HR?

Ah blah.
Anyway, you guys should try this love calculator. Fun yan!
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